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Is classic car insurance a necessity?

Are you a Beaverton, OR resident possessing a classic, custom, collectible or antique car? If so, it’s important to get specialized insurance that reflects your vehicle’s uniqueness and its worth, because ordinary auto insurance isn’t adequate in safeguarding such a car against impending calamities. Classic cars warrant exemplary care because they are worthy of investment and thereby must be accorded magnificent protection. Purchasing classic car insurance in Beaverton, OR is a prudent move because it’s different from ordinary auto insurance as it’s purely based on the actual collectible value of your car. Repairing and replacing your antique, collector, or classic car can be very expensive; therefore, you need a sufficient amount of classic car insurance to cater for repairs when you need them. Please call or visit us at W.B. Adams Company and get more detailed information about classic car insurance. Keep reading to understand the versatile benefits of classic car insurance.

Protect your classic car

One of the prime reasons for purchasing classic car insurance is that it can assist in preserving the overall value of your precious car. When you buy classic car insurance from W.B. Adams Company, you enter into an agreed-upon replacement value of the vehicle, different from other standard car insurance policies. Investing in classic car insurance allows you to safeguard the unique significance attached to your classic car.

Liability coverage

Similar to ordinary cars, auto accidents can occur while driving a classic vehicle, attracting expensive aftermath expenses. Liability coverage pays for costs emanating from bodily injuries and damage to property when you cause an accident with your classic car with third parties salvaging you from paying out-of-pocket.

Provides special towing and spare parts coverage(Roadside assistance)

Have you ever imagined what could happen when your classic car breaks down or requires expensive spare parts? Both coverages for towing and spare parts are proportional to the unique demands of your classic car. Towing coverage is responsible for transporting a classic car in emergencies when experiencing a breakdown. In contrast, spare parts coverage replaces valuable or perhaps hard to scout vehicle components like engine parts, wheels and transmissions.

Are you a classic car enthusiast residing in Beaverton, OR? Classic insurance is associated with some complexity; therefore, it requires a team conversant with how this type of insurance works. Don’t hesitate to contact our agents at W.B. Adams Company to get specialized classic car insurance that meets your needs.