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3 Questions to Ask Your Agent About Life Insurance

Having life insurance can be a good way to increase your peace of mind. It can also help your family feel more secure and worry less about how they would handle things if something happened to you. If you’re in the Redmond or Beaverton, OR area, W.B. Adams Company can help you with your life policy decisions. Our trained agents are focused on making sure you get the policy you need to protect your family. Here are three of the questions we’re most commonly asked about with this kind of insurance.

1. What level of coverage is really needed? 

The level of coverage needed will depend on the person and their specific situation. People with big families, for example, may have different coverage needs than those with much smaller families.

2. How often should the policy be updated?

An insurance policy should generally be reviewed every year and updated accordingly. If there are any big life changes, though, it’s a good idea to make sure the policy is updated to reflect those as soon as possible.

3. Who can help determine which policy is the right one?

Trusted agents can provide you with all the information you need and offer suggestions about which policy may be the best choice for your circumstances. But the choice of policy is ultimately up to you.

If you’re in the Redmond or Beaverton, OR area and need a life insurance policy, reach out to us at W.B. Adams Company today. We can work with you to choose a policy that will give you strong coverage and plenty of peace of mind. Your family will feel better knowing that they’re protected, and you’ll also worry less because you’ll have the coverage you need to put your concerns aside and get back to enjoying life.