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I Wrecked the Bike: Now What?

So you never saw the curb until it was too late. Or maybe someone in a car wasn’t paying attention. Luckily, you were wearing your helmet and got out of this alive. Still, your bike is trashed, and you have medical bills to pay. If you have motorcycle insurance, this is where it’s supposed to pay off. So, how do you cash in on an insurance claim after a motorcycle accident?

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

First things first. See to your safety. Leave your motorcycle where it fell. Keep your gear on for now. Call emergency services. Stay calm and assess the situation. If you are not seriously injured, you can take out your phone and take video or still photos of the scene. If you cannot do this, you can ask a bystander to do it for you. The police will want a statement. Cooperate with them. Do not admit to any fault until you’ve had time to talk with your insurance company. Consider whether you will need legal support. 

The Aftermath

As soon as you are able, contact your insurance company and give them all the info you have about the accident. Call an attorney if you need one. Do not admit to any fault. See a doctor and follow their orders. Before agreeing to an insurance claim settlement, consider getting compensation for any lost wages, long-term impacts, or other expenses. Remember that once a settlement is finalized, it cannot be reopened. 

W.B. Adams Company Serving Beaverton, OR

If you are in the Beaverton, OR area, consider getting motorcycle insurance with W.B. Adams Company. We will treat you fairly and see that you get what’s coming. 

Questions to ask when choosing your health insurance

One of your most significant decisions every year is choosing your health insurance. It’s a decision you must live with for a year, good or bad. Before choosing, there are some questions that you should ask. At W.B. Adams Company in Beaverton, OR, we are independent insurance agents who put the needs of our customers first. We are here to answer your questions and help to make sure you get the health insurance that is right for you. 

Is my doctor in the network?

Every carrier has a network of providers approved for the health insurance customers to use. If you have a primary care doctor or specialist that you prefer, it is wise to make sure they are included in the network of the insurance you are considering. 

How much is the deductible? 

Every health care insurance has a deductible that must be met before the policy begins to cover treatment. High deductibles are all the rage those days, but if the deductible is too high, it means almost nothing may be covered. 

What is the premium? 

Cost should not be the main criterion when choosing a health insurance policy, but obviously, you have to be able to afford whatever you choose. 

What type of managed care is it?

Managed care is what almost all types of health insurance are. Some types of managed care are more restrictive than others. HMO (Health Management Organization) is the most restrictive and requires that you get services within the network. PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) usually pays more if you get treatment within the network, and POS (Point of Service) lets you choose which type to use every time you need service. Making the right choice is important. 

Contact W.B. Adams Company in Beaverton, OR with all your health insurance needs; we can help.

Three Ways to Get the Right Auto Insurance for Your Needs

Getting the best auto insurance for your needs is important. After all, you want to be sure you’re covered for any serious problems that could arise, and you want to know who to turn to if you need to make changes or if something goes wrong. Reaching out to W.B. Adams Company can help if you’re in the Beaverton, OR area and looking for the right auto policy.

Since all policies have some basics but have different additional options and choices, you want to focus on what you really need instead of just finding a policy with the basic, minimum coverage on it. Here are three of the best way to get the right auto insurance policy for your situation.

  1. Ensure you understand what kind of coverage is required by the state and your lienholder if you have one.
  2. Work with an agent to help you get the right policy designed to meet your needs and address specifics.
  3. Consider all the additional choices you can make regarding your policy, and look at the value each insurer offers.

If you let an agent help you, they can present options from multiple insurers. That’s a great way to see everything in one place and compare options from different companies. One may stand out as a much better deal, or they may all be comparable, but either way, you’ll know what works for you and which insurer is providing you with the most value.

When you want an auto insurance policy you can feel good about, for plenty of peace of mind, contact us at W.B. Adams Company. If you’re in the Beaverton, OR area, we’re here to help you find a policy that works for you.

Four things not to do when you need commercial insurance

Purchasing commercial insurance is one of the best things you can do to ensure the continued success of your company. Business owners in Beaverton, OR can rely on us at W.B Adams Company for all their commercial insurance needs.

The following are four things not to do when you need commercial insurance. 

Neglecting to purchase a commercial insurance policy

Foregoing commercial insurance coverage is one of the worst things you can do. Not having any insurance coverage leaves you open to potentially costly risks, such as lawsuits against your company.

You should invest in commercial insurance even if your company is young and small.  

Overlooking types of commercial coverage that you need

Business owners need to know what different types of commercial insurance are available. There are many types of coverage, like liability, commercial property, commercial auto, business interruption, and errors and omissions coverage. 

You need to know what types of coverage there are so that you can get all the coverage your company needs to stay financially protected. 

Choosing a policy based on price alone

When you get policy quotes, don’t just purchase the least expensive policy. Before you choose a policy, evaluate the coverage you’re getting and the insurance provider’s reputation in addition to the quoted premium cost. 

Never updating your policy

Business owners should be aware of the fact that their insurance needs will change over time. You’ll need to ensure that you update your policy in the future as your company grows. 

If you want to learn more about commercial insurance, call us at W.B. Adams Company. We can give you a quote on a commercial insurance policy for your company in Beaverton, OR. 

Things that home insurance just won’t cover

When you have your home covered by home insurance, you may feel prepared to tackle any disaster that comes your way. Don’t get too comfortable. Home insurance is excellent and covers many things, but it also has exclusions, and if you are unaware of them, you could get a nasty shock. At W.B. Adams Company in Beaverton, OR, we make it our job to ensure all of our customers are informed. 

Earth movement

Earth movement includes things like earthquakes, mudslides, landslides, and sinkholes. If you live in an area with a danger of damaging your home by one of these natural disasters, you can add an additional policy or endorsement to provide the coverage you need.  


Floods are among the most common and damaging natural disasters, and a traditional home insurance policy does not cover them. Flood insurance is sold through the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program). Many towns are eligible for this coverage. If your town is not part of the program, you can also get coverage outside this program through private insurance. It is sold in two parts; property and contents. You can buy both or either of the two alone.

Owner neglect

As a homeowner, the insurance company expects that you will maintain your home. If they determine that your damage results from your neglect, they will not pay for it. This includes things like termites which you should have your home treated for, a roof that leaks into your home because it needs to be replaced, or any damage due to wear and tear or normal aging.  

For all your home insurance needs, you can rely on our team at W.B. Adams Company in Beaverton, OR to be there for you. 

What You Need to Know About Classic Car Insurance in Oregon

Do you live in Beaverton, OR? Do you own one or more classic cars? Are you looking for classic car insurance with a provider like W.B. Adams Company? If so, continue reading to learn everything you need to know about classic car insurance in the state of Oregon!

How Can You Qualify For Classic Car Insurance In Oregon?

Classic car insurance is a specialized type of insurance designed for antique, classic, and vintage cars. In Oregon, classic car insurance is typically available for vehicles at least 25 years old and restored or preserved to their original condition. Some insurance companies may have specific requirements for the vehicle’s make, model, and condition.

What Is the Agreed Value Coverage?

Unlike regular auto insurance, classic car insurance policies typically offer "agreed value" coverage, which means that you and the insurance company agree on the value of the car before you purchase the policy. This ensures that you’ll be fully reimbursed if your vehicle is stolen or totaled in an accident.

Are There Any Restrictions?

Classic car insurance may restrict how you can use the vehicle in or out of Oregon. For example, you may only be allowed to use the car for pleasure driving or attendance at car shows or exhibitions. Some policies may also have mileage limits.

Are There Additional Coverage Options?

In addition to the basic coverage for damage and liability, classic car insurance policies may offer additional coverage options such as roadside assistance, spare parts coverage, and car-related memorabilia.

As you can see, classic car insurance can provide specialized coverage and peace of mind for owners of vintage cars in Oregon. By understanding the unique features of classic car insurance, you can ensure that your vehicle is fully protected in the event of an accident or theft. And remember, if you live in or near Beaverton, OR, and you’re currently shopping for classic car insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us at W.B. Adams Company today!

The importance of wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle

Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is an important safety measure that should not be overlooked. Motorcycle helmets are designed to protect the rider’s head in the event of a crash, as they provide cushioning and absorb impact. Without a helmet, the full force of the impact could be felt on the head and neck, potentially leading to severe injuries or death. At W.B. Adams Company, we want to keep you safe while riding the roads of Beaverton, OR and everywhere you happen to roam on your bike.

The importance of wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle

In addition to protecting riders from serious injury, wearing a helmet also has legal implications. In many countries, motorcyclists must wear a helmet at all times when riding on public roads in order to comply with local laws. Failing to do so could result in hefty fines or other penalties. 

The benefits of wearing a helmet far outweigh any potential inconvenience or discomfort that may come along with it. Not only could it save your life in the event of an accident, but it can also help you stay on the right side of the law. Next time you hit the road on two wheels, make sure you don your protective gear! It is the smart, safe, and legal thing to do!

Reach Out To Us

For more tips on how to stay safe on your bike, or if you have questions about your insurance policy, give us at W.B. Adams Company a call today. We are proud to serve the Beaverton, OR area and would be happy to help you find a motorcycle policy that meets both your needs and your budget.

I’m healthy. Do I really need health insurance?

Many of us have heard the cliche expression, "your health is your wealth." Many of us would agree with this statement. Health is something we take for granted until we’re not healthy. This is why prevention is important. Health insurance allows us to be proactive about our health and this is a specific benefit that health insurance provides.

Our Beaverton, OR team at W.B. Adams Company understands the benefits of health insurance and is committed to helping people get the health coverage they need.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance makes healthcare more affordable. Many of us would be unprepared to pay for doctors’ visits strictly out of pocket. Health insurance allows you to visit a doctor or an emergency room and pay a portion or copay/premium to receive services. Many people are able to get health coverage through their employment.

However, health insurance can also be purchased directly through an insurance agent. Health insurance makes it possible to affordably practice preventative healthcare, as well as have access to a primary care physician and emergency health services. 

I’m healthy. Do I really need health insurance?

Health insurance can be beneficial even for healthy individuals. Health insurance gives people access to preventative healthcare in the form of routine doctor visits. Often, preventative healthcare allows doctors to catch conditions before they become serious and can make a difference in the severity of a health issue.

Also, preventative healthcare is like a health report card that gives confirmation of your health, which is good to know. Regardless of whether you’re healthy or sick, health insurance provides a wide variety of benefits in a more affordable package.

Give Us A Call

If you have questions about health insurance, call us at W.B. Adams Company. We’d be happy to help you explore your options in Beaverton, OR. 

What Is a Home Inventory Sheet?

A home inventory sheet is a document you create to help determine how much homeowners insurance you need. In addition, it can be useful to have on hand in the event of a covered peril when you need to make a claim, as you can refer back to it. It’s not required by law for Beaverton, OR homeowners to insure their homes, though a lender will usually compel you to. 

Home Inventory Sheet: What You Need To Know

At its most basic, your home inventory sheet is a list of everything you own. Though this process can seem tedious or overwhelming, the key is to go slowly while consistently gathering your details.

There are sites you can use online, apps on your phone, or you can use a spreadsheet. You can also choose to do this just with a pen and some paper. Your W.B. Adams Company agent can give you more guidance if you need specifics. 

Homeowners can start with their most valuable assets and work their way down. This is so that the things that matter most will be recorded, as this procedure is often one people often don’t complete. 

You can use video to catalog your items, and this is beneficial because you can display possessions from different angles. This also demonstrates their condition from a particular date so that you can contrast this with damage that occurs later on.

Be sure to store receipts but also take pictures of them, as the ink tends to degrade over time. Keep serial numbers, make, and model information on hand as well. 

W.B. Adams Company Can Help

We serve homeowners living in and around Beaverton, OR, and can assist with your insurance needs by putting together a package just for you. Call us or stop by our office to get more information today. 

Can a classic car insurance plan protect someone in Oregon?

In the greater Beaverton, OR area, anyone who loves cars will likely dream of owning a classic car. Not only are these beautiful vehicles and prized possessions, but they can also be great investments.

When you are an owner of a classic car, ensuring you have the right insurance is quite important. A classic car insurance policy is a good investment for any classic car owner as it offers various forms of protection. 

Classic Car Coverage: What Are The Benefits?

Protect the Value of the Vehicle

One of the ways that your classic car insurance plan can protect someone is by protecting their vehicle’s value. A classic car is a unique type of car because it can actually go up in value over the years. When you have one of these cars, you will want this value covered if the vehicle is in an accident or stolen. When you invest in classic car coverage, you will obtain all of this support. 

Give Liability Risk Support

Your classic car insurance policy is also a good option as it will provide you with liability risk support. People that invest in a classic car will want to drive it on occasion. While you may drive only sparingly, having classic car insurance is a good idea as it will offer you protection if you are named liable in an accident. Further, it will ensure you remain in good standing with state requirements. 

Contact Us Today

Classic car owners all over Oregon and in the Beaverton, OR area need to make sure they have the right insurance. Once you are ready to look for coverage, you should call the team at W.B. Adams Company. The professionals with the W.B. Adams Company will understand the value of this coverage and can offer guidance to help you create a new plan to protect your car.