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I’m healthy. Do I really need health insurance?

Many of us have heard the cliche expression, "your health is your wealth." Many of us would agree with this statement. Health is something we take for granted until we’re not healthy. This is why prevention is important. Health insurance allows us to be proactive about our health and this is a specific benefit that health insurance provides.

Our Beaverton, OR team at W.B. Adams Company understands the benefits of health insurance and is committed to helping people get the health coverage they need.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance makes healthcare more affordable. Many of us would be unprepared to pay for doctors’ visits strictly out of pocket. Health insurance allows you to visit a doctor or an emergency room and pay a portion or copay/premium to receive services. Many people are able to get health coverage through their employment.

However, health insurance can also be purchased directly through an insurance agent. Health insurance makes it possible to affordably practice preventative healthcare, as well as have access to a primary care physician and emergency health services. 

I’m healthy. Do I really need health insurance?

Health insurance can be beneficial even for healthy individuals. Health insurance gives people access to preventative healthcare in the form of routine doctor visits. Often, preventative healthcare allows doctors to catch conditions before they become serious and can make a difference in the severity of a health issue.

Also, preventative healthcare is like a health report card that gives confirmation of your health, which is good to know. Regardless of whether you’re healthy or sick, health insurance provides a wide variety of benefits in a more affordable package.

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