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Why Do You Need Special Insurance For Your Classic Car?

You are probably very proud if you have a classic car. You may even take it to shows and other events in order to show it off. That being said, it is important that you have the right insurance and coverage for your classic car. Your regular automobile insurance may not be enough, and W.B. Adams Company in Beaverton, OR gives you a guide as to why. 

Why Do You Need Special Insurance For Your Classic Car?

Both auto insurance and classic car insurance have similar policies. This means that they will cover liability, collision, comprehensive, and even property damage. 

However, if you have a classic car, you need to make sure that you know how much it is worth. While regular automobile insurance covers the car’s actual cash value, classic cars are often worth more money. For this reason, when you get classic car insurance, you get to decide how much your car is really worth. If it goes up over time, you can change your coverage limit. 

It will also pay for special repairs that are needed. When classic cars are damaged and need to be fixed or restored, you might not always be able to find the parts for them. The parts you find may cost you a little more, plus you may end up doing more restoration work just to get it to look like it did before. Regular automobile insurance won’t cover all of these extra expenses. 

For this reason, you need to get the best insurance that you can afford. If you have a classic car and want to make sure that it is fully protected, you need to contact us today at W.B. Adams Company in Beaverton, OR. 

Is classic car insurance a necessity?

Are you a Beaverton, OR resident possessing a classic, custom, collectible or antique car? If so, it’s important to get specialized insurance that reflects your vehicle’s uniqueness and its worth, because ordinary auto insurance isn’t adequate in safeguarding such a car against impending calamities. Classic cars warrant exemplary care because they are worthy of investment and thereby must be accorded magnificent protection. Purchasing classic car insurance in Beaverton, OR is a prudent move because it’s different from ordinary auto insurance as it’s purely based on the actual collectible value of your car. Repairing and replacing your antique, collector, or classic car can be very expensive; therefore, you need a sufficient amount of classic car insurance to cater for repairs when you need them. Please call or visit us at W.B. Adams Company and get more detailed information about classic car insurance. Keep reading to understand the versatile benefits of classic car insurance.

Protect your classic car

One of the prime reasons for purchasing classic car insurance is that it can assist in preserving the overall value of your precious car. When you buy classic car insurance from W.B. Adams Company, you enter into an agreed-upon replacement value of the vehicle, different from other standard car insurance policies. Investing in classic car insurance allows you to safeguard the unique significance attached to your classic car.

Liability coverage

Similar to ordinary cars, auto accidents can occur while driving a classic vehicle, attracting expensive aftermath expenses. Liability coverage pays for costs emanating from bodily injuries and damage to property when you cause an accident with your classic car with third parties salvaging you from paying out-of-pocket.

Provides special towing and spare parts coverage(Roadside assistance)

Have you ever imagined what could happen when your classic car breaks down or requires expensive spare parts? Both coverages for towing and spare parts are proportional to the unique demands of your classic car. Towing coverage is responsible for transporting a classic car in emergencies when experiencing a breakdown. In contrast, spare parts coverage replaces valuable or perhaps hard to scout vehicle components like engine parts, wheels and transmissions.

Are you a classic car enthusiast residing in Beaverton, OR? Classic insurance is associated with some complexity; therefore, it requires a team conversant with how this type of insurance works. Don’t hesitate to contact our agents at W.B. Adams Company to get specialized classic car insurance that meets your needs.

Why Do I Need Classic Car Insurance In Beaverton, OR?

It takes more than age to make your car a classic. A collector’s car isn’t just a vehicle to move around but also an investment that will continue appreciating. As a result, you need to protect your prized possession with insurance. Not sure where to start? Since classic cars aren’t used the same, W.B. Adams Company, serving Beaverton, OR, and the nearby areas, will help you select the right auto insurance for your classic car. 

Do I need classic car insurance in Oregon?

Even though you are not driving your classic, it’s wise to purchase insurance for your collector’s car. While it’s off the hook with auto-related accidents, other perils like fire, theft, and vandalism aren’t far off from ruining your classic. And why would you not insure your classic? Its insurance is cheaper than typical auto insurance. Since you don’t drive your classic daily, its premium is likely to be cheaper.  

What does classic car insurance cover?

Just like your standard auto insurance, classic car insurance carries typical coverages like property damage coverage, comprehensive coverage, and bodily injury liability. But unlike your typical car that is insured against the actual cash value (factoring in the depreciation factor), classic car insurance covers the agreed value. Simply put, this is the amount agreed between the owner and the insurance.

Other classic car-specific coverages to consider include:

  • Roadside assistance: This coverage saves the day when your vehicle needs towing, jump-starting, gas delivery, or puncture repair.
  • Increased replacement cost: You see, unlike your modern car, classic cars rise in value. As such, this coverage protects your vehicle when your vehicle appreciates exceeding the agreed value.
  • No attendance required: Covers your vehicle when you aren’t in attendance, and it’s being displayed in a show or exhibition.

For many petrolheads, the idea of owning a classic is a dream come true. But amid the excitement, don’t shove aside the notion of classic car insurance. Are you looking for classic car insurance in Beaverton, OR? Don’t look beyond W.B. Adams Company. Since collector’s cars aren’t the same, we will help you pick the right combination of coverages unique to your needs. Contact us today. 


How does classic car insurance work?

Your car may be more than 25 years old, but there is sentimental value to it that prevents you from selling it to the highest bidder. One of the best ways to secure your investment is to purchase classic auto insurance in Beaverton, OR from W.B. Adams Company. 

Car values work differently with classic autos.

Unlike the average vehicle that loses value when you drive it off the lot, classic cars increase in value over time. One of the main reasons a classic auto appreciates with time is because of the vehicle owner’s dedication to preserving the originality of the car. The authenticity of a classic car, then, becomes its greatest asset. 

Standard auto insurance is not good enough.

A standard auto insurance policy follows the concept of automobiles depreciating with time. Thus, a classic car with all of its original components would not be valued as much because it is more than 25 years old. Standard auto insurance policies do not factor in authenticity. It will also not cover original replacement parts for the car.

How does classic auto insurance work?

Classic auto insurance works so that the actual value of your vehicle is included in the policy. The provider typically works with you to determine how much your car is worth, so, in the unfortunate instance of destruction, you are given significantly more than what a standard auto insurance policy would pay. 

Classic auto insurance depends on several factors, which include:

  • The age of the vehicle
  • How often you plan to drive the car
  • How much you have invested in the vehicle

It is important to note that most classic auto insurance plans have driving restrictions that prevent you from making your classic car a daily commuter option. It is best to pursue this type of policy if you have a second vehicle to drive.

The agents at W.B. Adams Company can help you find a classic auto insurance plan that best suits your lifestyle. Call today to get started with a quote for coverage!