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Can You Get in Legal Trouble if You Don’t Have Home Insurance?

W.B. Adams Company understands that some people may get in challenging financial situations and struggle to pay their home insurance in Beaverton, OR. But if your policy gets canceled, or you somehow don’t have home insurance, what legal ramifications may result?

How You May Lose Home Insurance 

It is impossible to buy a home without getting a home insurance policy. However, there are situations in which you could lose your coverage. For example, your insurance company may cancel your insurance if you miss too many payments, get an inadequate inspection, or do anything illegal in your home. 

When you lose insurance, you’re in a very tough spot. Anything that now happens in your home is not covered. So you’re essentially left in a very fraught legal situation that could impact you in many ways. So here’s what you need to understand about this situation. 

What Could Happen Without a Policy 

When you have a home without insurance, you’re likely to suffer from many potential legal troubles, including how:

  • Injuries could result in lawsuits you have to pay 
  • Damage to the home will not get covered 
  • Home destruction won’t get repaid
  • Fines and penalties from legal authorities
  • Your mortgage holder may try to claim your house 

These issues make it vitally important to keep your home insurance up to date. If you’re having trouble making payments, talk to your provider, don’t just ignore fees. Most are willing to work with you to keep your home protected.

Keep Yourself Protected

Prevent these legal troubles by contacting us today at W.B. Adams Company. We serve the Beaverton, OR, area and will provide you with home insurance that meets your needs. We’ll work with you to ensure that it doesn’t lapse on you.