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Oregon Health insurance coverage

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Health Insurance in Oregon

The purpose of health insurance is to cover medical costs for you and your family. Finding the right coverage for you and your family in Beaverton, OR makes a huge difference. At some point, regardless of your age or how healthy you have been, you will need medical care. With the right health care coverage, like what is offered by W.B. Adams Company, serving Oregon, you can feel confident you and your family are protected from unexpected expenses.

Key Rules Regarding Acquiring Health Insurance in Oregon

According to Oregon state law, everyone, regardless of pre-existing health conditions, can acquire health insurance. Employers and insurance companies that provide dependent coverage to children have to cover those children until they reach the age of 26. Also, it is not required by law for small employers to offer insurance to their employees. However, larger employers with 50 or more full-time workers have to offer coverage, or they must pay a penalty. This is a requirement that also extends to any employer with 50 or more workers (not just large companies).

Work with a Quality Company to Get the Health Insurance Coverage You Want and Deserve

If you want to ensure you have found the right health insurance policy for you and your family, it is smart to work with a professional service provider, such as W.B. Adams Company. With the help of these insurance pros, you can feel confident you are getting a policy that meets your needs and that doesn’t exceed the budget you have for this purchase.

This company serves the Beaverton, OR and surrounding areas and will work diligently to ensure that each person gets the health care protection needed to ensure they remain healthy and that they can seek the medical care needed without having to overspend for this care.


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