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Oregon Flood insurance coverage

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Flood Insurance in Oregon

One of the most damaging tragedies to a home or business can be water damage due to flooding. With waters rushing quickly, the damage begins with the drywall up and destroys everything that it touches. Last year, the state of Oregon saw intense flooding due to heavy rain and the water having nowhere to go. If you live in or around Beaverton, OR, it may be time to get a flood insurance policy from W.B. Adams Company whether you live in an established flood zone or not.

Financial Assistance for Repairs

Flood insurance is a supplemental insurance option that must be added to an initial home or commercial insurance policy. When your property is flooded with rushing water from heavy rain, you will need to cover repairs inside your home's structure. These repairs can be both lengthy and expensive since the water travels through the entirety of the house at once.

Replacing Personal Property

All of your personal property such as furniture and appliances will need to be replaced if they have water damage. With flood insurance, you can get assistance to replace them for the exact same models that you had previously. Without flood insurance, these replacements can add up quickly and become physically exhausting, especially while trying to repair structural damage to your home or business.

Relocation Expenses

Another expense you will have during this remodel is the need to relocate until renovations are complete. During this time, you are still responsible for any mortgage payments you have on your home or business while trying to pay temporary rent at a motel or rental property. With flood insurance, you can get financial assistance to help cover these expenses so that you are not financially depleted during this tragic time.

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