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Home Insurance in Oregon

Homeowner's insurance is important to protect your investment and your stability. W.B. Adams Company offers home insurance in Beaverton, OR. If you’re an Oregon homeowner, we have the policy to fill your needs.

Homeowner's Insurance

A homeowner's insurance policy is essentially tailored to your needs. Many factors can affect your premiums, including the location of your home and the options you choose. Options include your deductibles and coverage limits, as well as add on policies.

There are a few basic types of home insurance. Broad form insurance will cover the most common types of damage, including storms, vandalism, theft, and fire. However, there are certain events that are excluded.

A special form is the most common form of home insurance available today. It lists the events that are not covered, so it offers coverage for more causes of damage than broad form insurance.

The comprehensive form is even more extensive, but some exclusions still apply.

Other Considerations

It's important to be aware of potential risks to your home, and potential liabilities. If someone is injured on your property, your home insurance will likely cover your liability. However, certain conditions put you at higher risk. Owning pets or a swimming pool can increase your risk. You'll want to check the limits of your policy and consider adding extra liability coverage.

Some policies will also cover your living expenses if you must leave your home while it is repaired. The expenses of renting a house or a hotel can add up very quickly. If you don't have the extra cash to cover a few months living expenses comfortably, on top of the bills for your home, then this type of coverage is wise to have.

Flood and earthquake insurance are also advisable. They are available as supplemental policies. Even if you aren't in a flood or earthquake-prone area, peace of mind is well worth it. Mother nature is unpredictable, and the unexpected happens.

We understand the needs Oregon residents have regarding home insurance. We can design a policy that meets your specific needs in W.B. Adams Company in Beaverton, OR. Call us today to learn more, or to see if you have enough coverage with your current policy.


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