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Oregon Directors And Officers Liability coverage

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Directors And Officers Liability in Oregon

When you are an executive of a company, you are going to have to make many important decisions on a daily basis. Due to this, you are going to make choices that will have many ramifications. Even if you continue to make fair choices that have your company's best interests in mind, there is a chance that someone could be disadvantaged as a result of your decision. Since this puts you at risk for a liability lawsuit, getting directors and officers liability insurance is a good idea. There are several situations when someone should get this insurance.

When you are in a Decision Making Role

One situation when you should get directors and officers liability insurance is when you are in a decision making role for an organization in Beaverton, OR. If you have to make important decisions and choices for your Oregon company, these decisions have a chance of going badly. This could cause affected people to place blame on you, which opens up the risk of liability lawsuits.

When Required

There are situations when having directors and officers liability insurance could be required. In many cases in the Beaverton, OR area, a lender or investor may require that a key owner or employee have this form of insurance. This helps to provide protection for their capital investments as well.

There are many situations when someone in Oregon could benefit from getting directors and officers insurance. If you believe that this form of liability insurance would be a good idea for you or someone you know, you should call W.B. Adams Company as soon as you can. The team at W.B. Adams and Company can review your personal situation to figure out if it would be a good idea for you to get this unique form of insurance. Based on this assessment, they can analyze your risks and find the right policy to cover your risks.


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