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Does home insurance cover sublets?

You may think that subletting your home is a good way to make money when you are out of town. Most standard home insurance plans, however, do not cover short-term rentals. It is important to make certain that you have the right indemnity policy before handing over the keys of your Beaverton, OR home for the next few weeks. The agents at W.B. Adams Company can help you find the right plan. 

What counts as subletting?

Some homeowners consider traditional means of subletting, which include soliciting complete strangers to live in their homes while they are away on vacation or business, as the only means of short-term renting. There are other means of subletting, though, which may not appear as short-term rental agreements at first glance. 

Renting a room in your home is technically subletting since the individual is paying to use space at your residence. Airbnb rentals are also sublet agreements. 

The problem with subletting while uninsured

Some homeowners take the risk of entering short-term rental agreements while lacking proper insurance to do so. The consequences of such actions can be detrimental if the renter’s property is damaged on your property or if he is injured while at your residence. 

Most home insurance providers will not pay for damages and injuries sustained by the renter if you have a standard policy. Some indemnity companies may even view you as a higher risk because of the short-term rental agreement and move to terminate your policy altogether. 

What type of insurance do you need to sublet in Oregon?

Vacation rental insurance is ideal when you want to sublet your home in any capacity. You may even want to consider tenant insurance if you enter short-term agreements on a continuous basis. 

The agents at W.B. Adams Company in Beaverton, OR can help you find the sublet insurance solution to fit your needs. Call us today to get started with a quote on home insurance!