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What home insurance covers modular homes and mobile homes?

W.B. Adams Company helps ensure every type of home in Beaverton, OR, whether you bought a duplex, single-family home, modular home, mobile home, or another type of home. Home insurance offers eight types of coverage, seven designed for homeowners. The form of insurance coverage depends on the type of home.

Modular Homes

People frequently confuse modular homes with mobile homes, but they’re very different and have specific forms of home insurance for each. The term modular home refers to any style of home constructed of four by eight feet framing sections built offsite, then transported to the building site and connected to the foundation. Any home constructed using this method qualifies as a modular home – a custom home, tract home, tiny house, log cabin, etc. Because modular building constructs a single-family domicile, a  modular home homeowner can purchase an HO-1, HO-2, or HO-3 policy. If they buy a historic home that was modularly built, then they can purchase an HO-8 policy.

Mobile Home Coverage

The term mobile home refers to a prefabricated home constructed of metal, typically aluminum or stainless steel. These pre-built homes require a slab foundation or low-height piers and pilings. Some states require ties that anchor the mobile home to the ground. The homeowner has the mobile home delivered to their building site in one, two, or three pieces, then assembled on-site. The home’s width determines the number of sections or pieces – single wides consist of a single piece. A double wide consists of two halves joined on site, while a triple wide consists of three pieces, two equal sides, and a center section joined together on site. An owner of a mobile home can only purchase an HO-7 policy specifically designed for mobile homes.

Cover Your Home with the Right Policy

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