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What does my renters insurance cover?

If you rent an apartment, dorm, or home, you need to seriously consider renters insurance to protect your space and belongings. Generally, your landlord carries insurance for the building you’re living in but not your personal space and belongings. Some landlords in Beaverton, OR may require you to have renters insurance to rent their property.

At W.B. Adams Company, we recommend having renters insurance to protect your property from certain natural disasters, water backup damage, bodily injuries, and theft. Here is what renters insurance covers.

Contents of your home

Your personal property is what belongs to you in that building. Your renters’ insurance focuses on covering your furniture, electronics, clothes, appliances, and other personal belongings from perils, fires, and theft. The policy helps repair or replace items based on the level of damage.

Personal liability

You are held liable for any injuries or actions that lead to damage to other people’s properties. For instance, if someone gets injured while at your home and decides to sue you, renters insurance may help cover the cost of your legal defense.

Medical payments to others

Medical payment generally covers other people who get injured in your Beaverton OR home. The policy helps pay their medical bills. Note that you and your family members are not covered. If you get hurt, you may need to pay your own medical bills.

Credit card 

Suppose someone uses your credit card to withdraw or pay for things you did not authorize. In that case, renters insurance may help pay you back the money up to the agreed limit.  This coverage also applies to forged checks and counterfeit money.

Loss of use

Provides compensation when your living space is rendered unlivable. The policy pays for your temporary living expenses and other additional living expenses related to the new living arrangement. 

Filing a claim is often a long process, but if you understand your coverages, you are in a better position to file a claim successfully and accelerate the process. To learn more about renters insurance coverage, contact W.B. Adams Company today.

Who should get renters insurance in Beaverton?

The Beaverton, OR area is a great place for people to live. When you do move to this area of Oregon, a common housing option is to rent your home. When you do rent a home, you should get renters’ insurance. There are several reasons why getting this coverage is a good idea. 

Policy Covers Personal Assets

One reason why you should get a renters insurance policy here is that it will ensure your assets are adequately covered. If you are going to lease an apartment, you will likely invest a lot of money on furniture, clothing, kitchenware, and other assets. If you are ever a victim of a fire or theft, you could be left having to pay to replace these items. Fortunately, when you have renter’s insurance, you will receive coverage for these items. This can limit your out of pocket costs to replace them.

Policy Required Under Lease

You should also get one of these policies because it will be required under your lease. If you are going to lease property here, there are likely going to be some renters insurance obligations in the lease. The landlord is also probably going to require that you pay for a full year’s premium upfront. Having the policy will ensure you remain in good standing under the lease agreement.

As you are looking for renters insurance in the Beaverton, OR area, it is important to know that you understand all of your requirements. One company that can be a great guide when it comes to picking a new policy is the W.B. Adams Company. At the W.B. Adams Company, you will receive the support you need to choose a new policy. This will ensure you get into a policy that gives you the right coverage.