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What Is a Home Inventory Sheet?

A home inventory sheet is a document you create to help determine how much homeowners insurance you need. In addition, it can be useful to have on hand in the event of a covered peril when you need to make a claim, as you can refer back to it. It’s not required by law for Beaverton, OR homeowners to insure their homes, though a lender will usually compel you to. 

Home Inventory Sheet: What You Need To Know

At its most basic, your home inventory sheet is a list of everything you own. Though this process can seem tedious or overwhelming, the key is to go slowly while consistently gathering your details.

There are sites you can use online, apps on your phone, or you can use a spreadsheet. You can also choose to do this just with a pen and some paper. Your W.B. Adams Company agent can give you more guidance if you need specifics. 

Homeowners can start with their most valuable assets and work their way down. This is so that the things that matter most will be recorded, as this procedure is often one people often don’t complete. 

You can use video to catalog your items, and this is beneficial because you can display possessions from different angles. This also demonstrates their condition from a particular date so that you can contrast this with damage that occurs later on.

Be sure to store receipts but also take pictures of them, as the ink tends to degrade over time. Keep serial numbers, make, and model information on hand as well. 

W.B. Adams Company Can Help

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