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Four things not to do when you need commercial insurance

Purchasing commercial insurance is one of the best things you can do to ensure the continued success of your company. Business owners in Beaverton, OR can rely on us at W.B Adams Company for all their commercial insurance needs.

The following are four things not to do when you need commercial insurance. 

Neglecting to purchase a commercial insurance policy

Foregoing commercial insurance coverage is one of the worst things you can do. Not having any insurance coverage leaves you open to potentially costly risks, such as lawsuits against your company.

You should invest in commercial insurance even if your company is young and small.  

Overlooking types of commercial coverage that you need

Business owners need to know what different types of commercial insurance are available. There are many types of coverage, like liability, commercial property, commercial auto, business interruption, and errors and omissions coverage. 

You need to know what types of coverage there are so that you can get all the coverage your company needs to stay financially protected. 

Choosing a policy based on price alone

When you get policy quotes, don’t just purchase the least expensive policy. Before you choose a policy, evaluate the coverage you’re getting and the insurance provider’s reputation in addition to the quoted premium cost. 

Never updating your policy

Business owners should be aware of the fact that their insurance needs will change over time. You’ll need to ensure that you update your policy in the future as your company grows. 

If you want to learn more about commercial insurance, call us at W.B. Adams Company. We can give you a quote on a commercial insurance policy for your company in Beaverton, OR.