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What Are the Benefits of Home Insurance?

Nothing beats the coziness of your own home. And if you are like most people, it’s probably your most valuable investment. But have you done enough to protect it? There is more to just locking the doors. Home insurance is ideal for securing your home.

Are you a homeowner and haven’t thought much about home insurance? Well, keep reading the article. You will be excited to call us at W.B. Adams Company in Beaverton, OR, for your home insurance. Here are the top benefits a home insurance policy can offer.

Protects your main dwelling

The primary purpose of home insurance is to protect where you live, which is your principal dwelling. Imagine losing your entire home to fire, for example. How much, and how long would it cost you to rebuild another one? That’s why home insurance is essential as it covers minor, significant damages and even rebuilding in case of a total loss. 

Liability coverage

If someone got injured on your premises, it could cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills and perhaps lawsuits if you got sued. However, home insurance pays for the medical bills and the expensive lawsuits up to your coverage limit. 

Protects your home’s contents

Besides covering your principal dwelling, the insurance covers your assets, like electronics, furniture, and clothing, from perils like fire, theft, and many more. 

Loss of use compensation

If you are forced out of your home while it’s undergoing repairs due to a covered event, the policy can put you in a hotel or temporary living place and cover your expenses. 

Protects your detached structures

Imagine a policy securing your garage, fences, pets’ house, sheds, or whatever structure you have on your premises. Intriguing, right? Well, that’s what home insurance can do, but at an additional premium. 

Home insurance in Beaverton, OR

If you haven’t thought about home insurance, the above benefits are enough to make you consider purchasing one. Are you in Beaverton, OR looking for home insurance? Look no further than W.B. Adams Company. Call us today for an affordable quote.

Why Do I Need Classic Car Insurance In Beaverton, OR?

It takes more than age to make your car a classic. A collector’s car isn’t just a vehicle to move around but also an investment that will continue appreciating. As a result, you need to protect your prized possession with insurance. Not sure where to start? Since classic cars aren’t used the same, W.B. Adams Company, serving Beaverton, OR, and the nearby areas, will help you select the right auto insurance for your classic car. 

Do I need classic car insurance in Oregon?

Even though you are not driving your classic, it’s wise to purchase insurance for your collector’s car. While it’s off the hook with auto-related accidents, other perils like fire, theft, and vandalism aren’t far off from ruining your classic. And why would you not insure your classic? Its insurance is cheaper than typical auto insurance. Since you don’t drive your classic daily, its premium is likely to be cheaper.  

What does classic car insurance cover?

Just like your standard auto insurance, classic car insurance carries typical coverages like property damage coverage, comprehensive coverage, and bodily injury liability. But unlike your typical car that is insured against the actual cash value (factoring in the depreciation factor), classic car insurance covers the agreed value. Simply put, this is the amount agreed between the owner and the insurance.

Other classic car-specific coverages to consider include:

  • Roadside assistance: This coverage saves the day when your vehicle needs towing, jump-starting, gas delivery, or puncture repair.
  • Increased replacement cost: You see, unlike your modern car, classic cars rise in value. As such, this coverage protects your vehicle when your vehicle appreciates exceeding the agreed value.
  • No attendance required: Covers your vehicle when you aren’t in attendance, and it’s being displayed in a show or exhibition.

For many petrolheads, the idea of owning a classic is a dream come true. But amid the excitement, don’t shove aside the notion of classic car insurance. Are you looking for classic car insurance in Beaverton, OR? Don’t look beyond W.B. Adams Company. Since collector’s cars aren’t the same, we will help you pick the right combination of coverages unique to your needs. Contact us today. 


3 Questions to Ask Your Agent About Life Insurance

Having life insurance can be a good way to increase your peace of mind. It can also help your family feel more secure and worry less about how they would handle things if something happened to you. If you’re in the Redmond or Beaverton, OR area, W.B. Adams Company can help you with your life policy decisions. Our trained agents are focused on making sure you get the policy you need to protect your family. Here are three of the questions we’re most commonly asked about with this kind of insurance.

1. What level of coverage is really needed? 

The level of coverage needed will depend on the person and their specific situation. People with big families, for example, may have different coverage needs than those with much smaller families.

2. How often should the policy be updated?

An insurance policy should generally be reviewed every year and updated accordingly. If there are any big life changes, though, it’s a good idea to make sure the policy is updated to reflect those as soon as possible.

3. Who can help determine which policy is the right one?

Trusted agents can provide you with all the information you need and offer suggestions about which policy may be the best choice for your circumstances. But the choice of policy is ultimately up to you.

If you’re in the Redmond or Beaverton, OR area and need a life insurance policy, reach out to us at W.B. Adams Company today. We can work with you to choose a policy that will give you strong coverage and plenty of peace of mind. Your family will feel better knowing that they’re protected, and you’ll also worry less because you’ll have the coverage you need to put your concerns aside and get back to enjoying life.

Tips for Buying Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

The best time to purchase motorcycle insurance is right after you get your bike. Motorcycle coverage offers you protection against accidents, theft, breakdowns, and more. These tips from W.B. Adams Company can help you determine the scope and amount of motorcycle insurance to buy.

Consider Motorcycle Insurance Requirements in Oregon

Oregon requires that motorcycle owners carry liability insurance to cover damages of others in accidents they cause. This protects you from having to pay these damages out of your own pocket. A serious accident could deplete your savings if you had to pay for injuries or property damage independently.  Before you hit the road, make sure you have this coverage.

Consider the Value of Your Bike

Protecting your bike is just as important as protecting others. Motorcycle collision and comprehensive insurance cover your motorcycle repairs after an accident. Collision insurance covers collision damage. Comprehensive insurance covers weather damage, damage from vandalism, animal strikes, and other non-collision events. It also covers the market value of your bike if it’s stolen.

If an uninsured driver hits your bike, uninsured motorist insurance covers repair costs, so you’re not stuck with high repair bills on your own.  

Consider Your Riding Experience

If you’re a new rider, you may want as much coverage as you can get to protect yourself against the unexpected. As a new rider, you’re more prone to cause or be involved in an accident due to your lack of riding experience.

Your insurance coverage should also coincide with your lifestyle. If you only use your bike to ride to work or school in Beaverton, OR, you may not need as much coverage as someone who goes on extensive road trips.

For quality motorcycle coverage at affordable costs, call or visit W.B. Adams Company today. We service residents in Beaverton, OR, and surrounding communities. 

4 things people don’t know about health insurance

Having quality health insurance is one of the fundamental goals for every Beaverton, OR resident. However, simply signing the policy is not enough. As a family person, you need to take your time and learn everything about the policy to ensure that you and your family’s health is in good hands.

At W.B. Adams Company, we take you through your insurance plan and advise you based on your budget, family size, and health needs. Here are four things you probably didn’t know about your health insurance policy.

You are eligible for health check benefits every four years.

Your health insurance plan offers a free health check every four years. Different insurance companies have separate application processes, and the good news is that the results do not affect your premiums. However, you are allowed to make changes to your policy, such as increasing coverage.

Health insurance policyholders have better physical and mental health.

Studies have found that people who buy health insurance have better peace of mind and consistently report any health issues for early diagnosis and treatment. Medical treatment in Beaverton, OR, is not cheap, and that’s why many people without insurance may downplay their health problems.

Prescription drugs are covered in the formulary.

Very few people know that their health insurance offers drug prescription coverage. Your plan comes with a formulary, which is a list of drugs that the plan covers. If you take specific drugs, you should consult your insurance plan to know if they are covered.

Health insurance saves lives.

Buying insurance is the best way anyone can protect their health. It provides you with the peace of mind that you can walk into a hospital without money and get treatment without worrying about medical expenses. This means that the more people embrace health insurance, the healthier they become, and more lives are saved.

Need help understanding health insurance? W.B. Adams Company is here to help answer all your questions. Feel free to drop by or book an appointment with us.

My Car is in Storage. Do I Still Need Auto Insurance?

We get many types of questions at W.B. Adams Company in Beaverton, OR. One common question is how putting a car in storage affects your auto insurance needs. Can you drop insurance when your car is in storage? Is it a good idea to cancel your policy? We are here to give you the answers.

Am I Legally Required to Keep Insurance on My Vehicle In Storage?

According to Oregon law, if your vehicle will not be driven on public roads, you are not required to carry liability insurance coverage. However, if you have a lien on the vehicle, your lender may require full coverage insurance on the vehicle even if it is not on the road. Even though you aren’t legally required to keep insurance coverage for a vehicle in storage unless it’s in your lien contract, you should consider doing so. 

Should I Carry Insurance on a Vehicle in Storage? 

There are a few reasons to keep some insurance policy on your vehicle while it’s in storage. The first is that the vehicle can still be damaged in storage. Vandalism and natural disasters are risks, whether your vehicle is being driven or not. Comprehensive coverage is specifically for damage that occurs when you aren’t on the road. 

Second, it can impact your relationship with your insurer. If you drop coverage completely, you may be considered high risk, particularly if the insurance company doesn’t know why you have dropped coverage. You must go through obtaining insurance again before you can drive the vehicle, and your premiums might be higher. 

W.B. Adams Company Auto Insurance

At W.B. Adams Company in Beaverton, OR, we know that vehicle damage isn’t limited to driving. Our agents take a customer-centered approach. We will discuss your specific needs and help you choose the right coverage for you at this time. 

Three frequently asked questions about commercial insurance

It would help if you learned as much as possible about commercial insurance when you’re on the market for a policy to protect your company. We insure businesses in Beaverton, OR at W.B. Adams Company. The following are three frequently asked questions about commercial insurance.

What’s a standard Business Owners Policy (BOP)?

One of the most basic coverage options for a small business is a Business Owners Policy (BOP). This type of policy covers commercial property and liability expenses.

This type of policy will also offer business interruption coverage. Business interruption coverage will cover a loss of revenue because a business was prevented from continuing operations for various reasons. 

How much liability insurance does my company need?

When a company purchases commercial insurance, it’s important to undergo a risk assessment. A risk assessment determines what liability risks a company faces. This assessment can help pinpoint the amount of coverage that a particular business requires.

A company’s liability coverage needs to depend in large part on its industry and size. However, numerous additional factors can impact liability coverage needs. 

How can commercial insurance costs be minimized?

Commercial insurance costs are business expenses that cut into a company’s bottom line. As such, minimizing insurance expenses helps to maximize profits. 

Business owners can minimize commercial insurance costs by frequently reevaluating insurance coverage over time. They can also purchase all types of commercial insurance from the same provider to enjoy bundling discounts. Business owners looking to bring down insurance costs might also consider a policy with a higher deductible. 

If you have your own questions to ask about commercial insurance in Beaverton, OR, we’re here to help at W.B. Adams Company. Get in touch with us for answers to all your commercial insurance questions.

Three things to do before you purchase a home insurance policy in Oregon

Home insurance is an important product for homeowners to have. It would help if you chose the right policy to protect the value of your home. At W.B. Adams Company, we offer home insurance policies to homeowners in Beaverton, OR.

The following are three things you should do before you purchase a home insurance policy in Oregon.

Calculate your coverage needs

Homeowners need different coverage amounts depending on factors like the value of their home and their total assets.

You want to have enough coverage to cover the total value of your home in the event of a severe accident that destroys your property. You also need to protect your assets in the event of a liability lawsuit related to your home. 

Get quotes from at least three different providers.

You definitely don’t want to look into home insurance from only one provider. It’s important to get quotes from a few different providers so that you can compare them.

When you compare quotes from various providers, you can select the one that offers the best value. Shopping around is essential when you purchase any product. Remember that home insurance is no different. 

Factor your premium into your budget

Your home insurance premium is an ongoing expense that you need to pay every month. Making a late payment can leave you subject to expensive fees. Completely missing your payment could void your policy, leaving you susceptible to severe financial losses in the event of an accident.

The best thing to do is escrow your insurance payment with your mortgage to be sure that you won’t miss a payment. 

Get in touch with us today at W.B. Adams Company to learn more about home insurance shopping. We’re here to assist Beaverton, OR homeowners with all their insurance needs.

How does classic car insurance work?

Your car may be more than 25 years old, but there is sentimental value to it that prevents you from selling it to the highest bidder. One of the best ways to secure your investment is to purchase classic auto insurance in Beaverton, OR from W.B. Adams Company. 

Car values work differently with classic autos.

Unlike the average vehicle that loses value when you drive it off the lot, classic cars increase in value over time. One of the main reasons a classic auto appreciates with time is because of the vehicle owner’s dedication to preserving the originality of the car. The authenticity of a classic car, then, becomes its greatest asset. 

Standard auto insurance is not good enough.

A standard auto insurance policy follows the concept of automobiles depreciating with time. Thus, a classic car with all of its original components would not be valued as much because it is more than 25 years old. Standard auto insurance policies do not factor in authenticity. It will also not cover original replacement parts for the car.

How does classic auto insurance work?

Classic auto insurance works so that the actual value of your vehicle is included in the policy. The provider typically works with you to determine how much your car is worth, so, in the unfortunate instance of destruction, you are given significantly more than what a standard auto insurance policy would pay. 

Classic auto insurance depends on several factors, which include:

  • The age of the vehicle
  • How often you plan to drive the car
  • How much you have invested in the vehicle

It is important to note that most classic auto insurance plans have driving restrictions that prevent you from making your classic car a daily commuter option. It is best to pursue this type of policy if you have a second vehicle to drive.

The agents at W.B. Adams Company can help you find a classic auto insurance plan that best suits your lifestyle. Call today to get started with a quote for coverage!

Who should get renters insurance in Beaverton?

The Beaverton, OR area is a great place for people to live. When you do move to this area of Oregon, a common housing option is to rent your home. When you do rent a home, you should get renters’ insurance. There are several reasons why getting this coverage is a good idea. 

Policy Covers Personal Assets

One reason why you should get a renters insurance policy here is that it will ensure your assets are adequately covered. If you are going to lease an apartment, you will likely invest a lot of money on furniture, clothing, kitchenware, and other assets. If you are ever a victim of a fire or theft, you could be left having to pay to replace these items. Fortunately, when you have renter’s insurance, you will receive coverage for these items. This can limit your out of pocket costs to replace them.

Policy Required Under Lease

You should also get one of these policies because it will be required under your lease. If you are going to lease property here, there are likely going to be some renters insurance obligations in the lease. The landlord is also probably going to require that you pay for a full year’s premium upfront. Having the policy will ensure you remain in good standing under the lease agreement.

As you are looking for renters insurance in the Beaverton, OR area, it is important to know that you understand all of your requirements. One company that can be a great guide when it comes to picking a new policy is the W.B. Adams Company. At the W.B. Adams Company, you will receive the support you need to choose a new policy. This will ensure you get into a policy that gives you the right coverage.